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SWATCHES - Create your own custom application swatches palette by extracting the colors fro m an image.

Masking - This tutorial shows you how to mask an image to create interesting edges around the image.

Coming Soon!

PHOTO BEND - learn how to add some pizzazz to your photos by adding a bend, shadow, border and background.

FUN WITH TEXT -  have fun clipping a photo into text to create a whole new look!  Very easy tutorial.


REMOVE WHITE -Learn how to remove a white background from both a black and white image and an Image that has color.

CUBE - In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a cube using the Shear tool, a not-so-obvious but great tool.


CRATE - learn how to make a quick and easy crate that you can  fill with whatever you wish.   

MULTI-COLOR-TEXT - In this easy tutorial, you will learn several different ways to create your own multi-color eye-catching text.