The PIRC web site went on-line around 1995  and the PIRC Forum  followed in February of 2000. Over the years, we’ve gone through many changes in order to keep up with the industry.  We started out as support site for PhotoImpact.  We created a PhotoImpact Beginners Workshop that was very successful.  At some point, PhotoImpact was discontinued so we looked for a new platform.
We settled for PaintShop Pro and worked with it for a few years and we also created a PSP Beginners Workshop.  Many of our members were unhappy with PSP so we went looking for something everyone would like.  We discovered Serif’s DrawPlus.  We all loved it!  The web site and forum all changed to support for DrawPlus.
We were really happy with out choice but, as luck would have it, Serif dropped support for DrawPlus in 2016.  However,  they gave us the wonderful and awesome Affinity Designer!
So, we all got in on the beta testing and found this was the program for us.  It’s full of great features and we know it will develop into something we can really be proud of.  That meant yet another change for PIRC.  We now support Affinity Designer here on the website and we also support both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on our PIRC forum.