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Symbols - Symbols are fun to work with. Learn how to change not just one image but dozens of images at the same time.

Add Operation - In this tutorial, we will take a look at the Add operation as well as the Transform panel.

Shapes - We will be taking a look at the geometric preset shapes and show you how to edit them to suit your needs.

Swirls - Learn how to create a simple swirl using only a shape and a gradient. Its so easy and very addictive!

Easy Bow - Create a pretty little bow with a cut-out center. Use the Transform panel and Geometry to cut out part of an image.

Paste Inside - This tutorial will show you how paste one object inside of another object. There are several other ways to do this.

Easy Triptych - Learn how to make a lovely triptych using a few shapes and a photograph. Very easy to do.

Remove White -Learn how to remove a white background from both a black and white image and an Image that has color.