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ROTATION - In this tutorial, you will learn about the standard rotation point on an image and how to move it to another area on the image.

ALIGNMENT - Learn the basics of alignment including how align a series of objects  horizontally and vertically.

AROUND THE CORNERS - Change the corners of a rectangle to several variations  that can have an effect on all four corners.

SIMPLE ARC - Learn how to make a simple arc or half-circle using several different methods.

CLIPPING - This tutorial will show you how to put one object inside of another as well as  how to add noise to your image.

DIVIDE OPERATION - Learn how to divide a vector into two or more parts.  This is great if you only want half of a vector object.

SUBTRACT OPERATION  - In this tutorial, we will take a look at the Subtract operation as well as the Transform panel.


EASY TRIPTYCH - Learn how to make a lovely triptych using a few shapes and a photograph. Very easy to do.