Downloads for PhotoImpact

The following files are either hard-to-find or are no longer available on the net.

EyeCandy 3 Full version of EyeCandy 3 for Windows. Includes a demo of EC4000. Distributed with permission from Alien Skin.
Sparkle Makes little star-like sparkles on your image.
Win 7 Plugins DLL Files needed for Win 7 plugins
msvcrt10.dll Needed for some plugins - put in Windows\System folder Needed for some older plugins - put in Windows\System folder Place in your plugins folder
Ram Idle A free memory management program for Windows (95/98/2000/Me). Enables your applications to load faster and more responsively by making more physical memory available for the system. Convert PSP Tube files into .png format. This will allow you to use all of the available tubes in PhotoImpact.
Animation Shop This is the animation program that is used with Paint Shop Pro.
Gif Animator This program does not need to be installed. Create a folder on your hard drive - call it Gif Animator. Unzip the downloaded files into that folder. Move the Gif Animator folder to your Program Files area. If you are using Win 7 64bit, move the folder to Program Files(x86). You can right-click on ga_main.exe and create a shortcut on your desktop if you want. An excellent little program for viewing background tiles as either tiles or in full tiled view.
Filter Attacks This download contains all of the .dll files necessary to run Filter Attacks 1.0 under Windows 7. There is a short instruction file included.